How to Lose 10 Pounds, Quickly and Safely

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Are you rushing yourself on a quick weight loss just to fit into that perfect dress on a special day ahead? Yes, rushing your weight loss can be possible. Also, you can get great results from quick weight loss programs in a just a matter of time.

But in fact, quite a few people consider quick weight loss diets as quite unsafe. Well, the truth is that quick weight loss diets can be done safely, if put into practice in the right manner.

The best way to start a quick weight loss diet is to consider the professional advice of a health expert. Always consider your health first before weight loss itself. Do not engage to any crash diets without enough knowledge and proper research.

Here are some of the ways that can help you lose 10 pounds quickly and safely in just a matter of time:

  • Make water your friend. I am not talking about mere water diet. Water is essential to a quick weight loss diet as it is essential to all types of diet as well. But because we are talking about a quick weight loss diet, water contributes to a much better result. It actually plays as a natural appetite suppressant, or in case you don’t want to overeat, taking a glass of water every before meals will help you feel much more full. Also, water helps the body maintain toned muscles and helps improve a healthy skin. Moreover, the higher water intake helps largely in metabolism processes, and thus, prevents fat storage and deposition. So to achieve a quick weight loss of 10 pounds safely, stick to an adequate water consumption habit.

  • Make exercise a part of your quick weight loss diet. As much as possible, get your body into action. Do go on workouts few times a week (or three alternated days). When you are not capable of exercising before of certain hectic schedules or any valid reasons, you can still find time to burn those few pounds off. Walk whenever you can. Take the stairs instead of elevators. Drop off a little farther from the office to achieve a 10-minute walk. Walk your dogs with you to encourage brisk walking. Make the most efforts to help you achieve a 10 pound weight loss in just a matter of time.

  • Finally, stick to healthy foods. You know the rules, fruits, vegetables, and foods that are low in fat, with adequate amount of protein and low carbs. Stick to healthy after meal snacks such as healthy fruits and veggie dishes, or hi-fiber foods. Enjoy your quick weight loss diet with pleasurable opted foods. Don’t stress yourself too much on avoiding everything. Moderation can ease your cravings.

Make these steps a part of your everyday routine, and surely you will shed those unwanted 10 pounds off in no time. Losing 10 pounds quickly and safely can certainly be achievable.


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Lose Weight in 2 Weeks: Effective Techniques To Support Your Program

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Losing weight in two weeks is really not the fastest. There are many other weight loss programs and diet plans that are promising to effectively get you into your desired shape in as little as 3-7 days. However, this doesn’t mean 2 weeks long weight loss program is not an effective program. In fact, most of health care experts would advise their patience to take such types of program than those extreme forms of diet plans, which is often too risky for your health. Reducing weight gradually is definitely the proper way to maintain the good shape of your body without compromising your health condition.

There are many ways on how you can succeed a two weeks weight loss plan, but you must not entrust the process of your weight reduction purely on your program. You also have to provide some extra efforts if you want achieve accurate result. You can try practicing some proven techniques to support your program and expedite the process of burning fats inside your body.

Here are some of the most popular techniques that even Hollywood celebrities are doing to support their weight program:

  • Calorie Journal- The number one reason why you are growing in size is because of the types of foods you usually eat. An unhealthy food contains a lot of calories that makes people fat, and most weight loss programs targets to cut down the calorie servings on your everyday meal. Thus, to support your program, you can use the help of calorie journal to monitor your daily calorie intake. It is just a small record book where you record all the foods that you eat in a day as well as the amount of their calorie. This journal does not only monitor your calorie intake, but it’s also a way to get you reminded about your program from time to time.
  • Increase your fluid intake- Fluids, particularly water is a very essential element that plays important role in every weight reduction program. It is the one in-charge of washing away all the fats and toxins that you burn from working out. To support the process of eliminating these toxins out of your body, you must increase your intakes of water throughout the period of your program. Drink at least 8 full glasses of water a day, regularly to keep you fresh and hydrated all the time.
  • Performing cardio exercises- I am pretty sure that whatever weight loss program you have, there’s a certain workout program to back it up. However, most people cannot follow these workouts religiously. Lack of time and laziness are just the reasons people failed to perform their workout regularly. Well, there are several easy-to-do cardio exercises, which can be a good alternative to these workouts. Even a few minutes of walking for at least three days a week can make huge contribution in burning fats. Thus, it will be better if you can find ways to perform such exercises regularly.

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Lose Weight Fast And Maintain Your Glow With Maple Syrup Diet

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Maple Syrup Diet or what we often called as “The Master Cleanse” diet plan is one of the most popular weight-loss programs today. Its reputation continues to rise as more and more people showing interest with this program. The objective of Maple Syrup Diet is to reduce the weights of your body through detoxification at the shortest possible period. People all over the world had been using this diet program for several decades now and most people who tried Maple Syrup Diet can testify the reliability of this program.

Aside from being so effective, Maple Syrup diet is also very easy to follow. This program contains a handful of recipes that are very easy to memorize. Maple Syrup ingredients are incredible inexpensive. Actually most of these ingredients are commonly already available in your home.
Here is a sample of Maple Syrup recipe that is good for a day of serving:

  • 60 ounces of filtered water
  • 12 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
  • 12 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
  • 1/2 Teaspoon cayenne pepper powder

Based on the instruction from the creator of Master Cleanse, you can mix this recipe with your favorite teas to make this menu more tasty and interesting. Since Maple Syrup diet is composing of all natural ingredients, it is guaranteed to be safe and won’t cause you harmful side effects. However, this is not something you should keep all your life. Maple Syrup diet should only last for few days, preferably just 3-10 days long to keep the balance of your nutrition.

Maple Syrup effectively helps to eliminate and prevent the accumulation of fats and other forms toxins inside your body. It works directly to support the health of your colon which leads to your proper digestion. This program also helps maintain the good flow of your blood throughout your body by providing relief from pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries as well as your blood vessels. Other internal organs that could benefit from this program are your kidneys, colon, and liver. Maple Syrup diet can also help purify your glands and cell, which promotes smoother and younger looking skin.

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Quickest Way to Lose Weight Today!

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Believe it or not, but the quickest way to lose weight will not take a day or two. Four minutes is all you need to drastically reduce weight through a particular form of workout program that will surely capture your interest. However, you must know upfront that this is not the kind of workout program you often see from television and DVDs. This training is highly intense that not all people can stand the challenge of this program. Yeah, this training should only last for four minutes, but probably the longest four minutes you will ever experience in your life.

Well, I am talking about Tabata training program, the quickest way to lose weight today. This is a form of training program that was discovered by one of the most respected Japanese scientist, Dr. Izumi Tabata along with his team of researchers from National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Tabata got interested to this training routine that was originally developed by a certain Japanese speed-skating team head coach when he saw its promising potential somewhere in 1996. Dr. Tabata then, along with his team start conducting series of research and studies to enhance program further, in which was eventually named after him.

The primary purpose of this program is to improve the performances of Japanese athletes, but since this training program was so good, many people use this as an effective way to reduce their weight fast. Based on the experiments conducted by Dr. Tabata and his research team, it was noted that people who will undergo this training can remarkably increase their oxygen consumption up to 14%. This means Tabata training can improve their endurance increase the level of their stamina so they can do more things.

Since this training is highly intense, Tabata will also require a good medical condition before you should undergo this program. Otherwise, you can never survive the challenge of this training and will expose your health in a great risk. Thus, it will be to consult your doctor first to know if you are fit enough to do this very challenging weight loss program.

The whole process of Tabata training program is consists of three parts, which is very easy to remember. First is performing highly intense exercises to last for 20 seconds. After this, you will be allowed to take your interval rest (believe me, you will really need this) for 10 seconds. Then, you have to repeat this process for eight more times to complete your four minutes training.

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1200 Calorie Diet Plan – Reducing Weights Without Starving Yourself

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Ever heard about 1200 Calorie Diet? Did you have a chance to try this program? Do you know what the idea behind 1200 Calorie Diet plan is and why it was set to 1200 calories?

Well, there are a lot of dietary plans we know that are designed to reduce our weight from reducing our daily calorie intake. Among all other diet programs, 1200 Calorie Diet plan unique because it strictly set a standard of your diet down to 1200 calories servings a day only. This is the least possible (Average) amount of daily calorie intake that is sufficient enough to provide all the calories that our body will need in a day to keep us on the go without compromising our health.

Reducing calorie intakes effectively helps to dramatically reduce the excess weights of our body. Following this program religiously can get you into shape in as little as two weeks. However, our body’s needs for calories vary according to our age, gender, rate of our metabolism, body size as well as our medical condition. Thus, it is highly important to anyone who wishes to undergo this program to seek medical advice from their trusted physician first to know if your body can endure the challenge of 1200 Calorie Diet program.

Here is a sample of 1200 Calorie Diet menu you can try:

  • Breakfast – A cup of cooked oatmeal and banana
  • Lunch – Just 3 ounces of turkey break sandwiched in couple slices of whole wheat bread, some mustard and a few grams of avocado should be enough. You can also eat a cup of fresh baby carrots to complete your meal.
  • Afternoon Snack – An ounce of sliced turkey covered with a couple tablespoon of hummus, wrap in Romaine lettuce leaf plus one small apple will do.
  • Dinner –  For dinner, you can have 4 ounces of baked chicken (without the skin), 2 cups of green salad with half tablespoon extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar as your dressing, half cup cooked broccoli and 1/3 cup cooked brown rice.
  • Evening Snack – You can take around 15 pieces of frozen grapes with 10-12 pieces of almonds.

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Useful Tips On How To Lose Weight In A Week

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Losing weight drastically in just one week is very possible if you know how to discipline yourself. There are a lot of diet and workout programs out there that offers this kind of weight loss benefits, which are all clinically proven effective. However, programs like this will require full determination and perseverance in order for you to succeed any of these weight loss programs. Thus, before undergoing any weight loss plan, it is important to evaluate yourself first and see if you can really stand the challenge of your program. Some study shows that anyone who undergone a certain weight loss program, but failed to complete their program are most likely to gain more weight.

Another important factor that you should consider if you are planning to undergo any “one week weight loss program” is your medical or health condition. Strong determination is not enough to succeed a weight loss program. Obviously, not all people are physically fit to stand this kind of challenge. The reason it is highly important to consult your trusted physician or a qualified health expert to determine your exact health condition before undergoing any weight reduction program. Losing weight in just seven days is truly promising, but you have to play it safe. You just can’t put your health at risk for this.

Any weight loss program that will invite you to starve yourself is a big “No! No!” Put in mind that losing should not compromise the flow of daily nutrients that your body needs to keep on the go. A diet program that promotes lesser carbohydrate and calorie intake is just fine, but never tries anything crazy like starvation program. These programs will only provide you temporary solution to your weight problem in exchange for permanent health problems that they may cause your body eventually.

The keys for a successful one week weight reduction are so simple. All you just have to do is choose weight loss plan that promotes detoxification of your body, proper meal management and physical workout. Let this be your guide in choosing the right weight loss program for you’re for better, accurate and safer result.

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How Special K Diet Can Effectively Reduce Your Weight?

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For those people who want to reduce size and weights, yet so addicted with carbohydrates, perhaps this is the perfect diet plan for you. Special K Diet plan is a dietary program that is supported by Kellogg Breakfast Cereal Company, the manufacturer of cereal, which is the main component for this program. The good thing about Special K Diet is that it is not a type of diet plan that makes people reduce weight due to fluid depletion. However, intrigues and controversies just keeps on covering this diet program since it was launched to the public.

Well, at first glance, you will normally think that this is just a promotional diet program aim to increase the sales of Kellogg’s cereal. However, with the study conducted by a group of scientists, it appears that Special K Diet can really help eliminate and stop the accumulation of fats inside our body. Based on the remarkable result of an experiment done at Loughborough University, three out of four participants drastically reduced size of their waistline after undergoing the Special K Diet plan. These people had reached up to 38% weight loss after following this program for a couple of weeks.

Many people are choosing Special K Diet plan over the others because of these several advantages.

  • Very easy to follow
  • So easy to prepare
  • Inexpensive
  • Won’t let you starve
  • You can conveniently do this program anywhere

However, not all dieters are free to do Special K Diet program. There are a couple of physical requirements that you have to meet before you can do proceed with this plan. The first factor that we have to consider for this program is the age of dieter. Special K program is not recommended for teens, dieters must be an adult. Second is that you have to be a certified overweight person and have a body max index of 25. If you fell below these requirements, you don’t need this program.

Here is the exact menu of Special K Diet plan:

  • 45g Special K
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Coffee, tea or fruit juice


  • 45g Special K
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Coffee, tea or fruit juice


  • A balanced meal that includes carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vegetables and fiber.
  • Any beverage will do


  • You can eat any snacks you want, but it will be better if you have fruit, raw carrot or other vegetables for this.

Although it looks pretty effective, put in mind that Special K Diet is just a short-term plan. You will also need a workout program to support this plan. Cereal can cause some people to suffer constipation, so it will be better if you try to seek advice from your doctor before undergoing this plan. Not all cereals can be used for this program. Thus, you have to eliminate those sugar-coated from your list.

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Beyonce Diet Secrets That Made Her Lose 20 Pounds In 10 Days

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Aside from being such a wonderful singer and graceful dancer, many people admire Beyonce because of her incredibly sexy body. Many women are wondering how Beyonce was able to maintain such perfect figure. “Well, she’s a star! She can surely afford those highly expensive make-over…” you might think, but wait until we reveal to you her secret diet plans that allows her to lose over 20 pounds in just 10 days.

Actually, it’s not easy to be a super star. Just like many other Hollywood celebrities and models, Beyonce also have to take care of her figure. While other personalities are spending hundreds of thousand dollars just to keep their image competitive, she rather do this through one of the simplest form of diet plan called “The Master Cleanse Diet” or what we commonly know as the maple syrup diet.

Maple syrup diet is consisting of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water that were combined together to form a perfect diet plan. This diet plan was originally developed in 1976 by a world-renown health expert, Stanley Burroughs. Maple syrup diet is just one of several alternative health practices that Burroughs had authored and promoted. Burroughs created this program as a cleansing formula to remove and prevent the accumulation of toxins out of our body.

However, those people who had undergone Maple Syrup Diet noticed how the removal of toxins affects their weight. Parallel to the process of cleansing our body, this program can also dramatically reduce body weight. The logic of this is so simple; toxins slow down our metabolism as well us our entire digestive system, in which causes our body to gain weight and grow in size. Without the accumulation of fats and toxins, there’s no chance for our body to increase weight.

Maple Syrup Diet is guaranteed to be a hundred percent safe. There are some clinical studies and experiments that show how this diet can speed your metabolism up to 15% faster. Stanley Burroughs also claimed that Maple Syrup Diet can be used to treat ulcer and other intestine problems as well as clearing up several skins problems. Feel free to contact your trusted health care expert today to learn more about Maple Syrup Diet and how it could drastically get you into shape fast.

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5 Diet for Quick Weight Loss Diets

5 Diet for Quick Weight Loss Diets

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Many people resort to quick weight loss diets due to a whole lot of reasons. It could be because of the prompt need to fit into a dress for a very important occasion; it could be because of the need to improve physical appearance; or to achieve better health.

Fortunately, there are lots of quick weight loss diets that are being put forward into the market. A lot of people have achieved weight loss by putting the diets into practice, but with no more than proper handling and moderation. Such abusive practice of quick weight loss diets can eventually lead to detrimental health risks. It is best to implement such diets with proper knowledge, advice from health professionals, and moderation.

Here are 5 of the most well-known quick weight loss diets in the market:

South Beach Diet

This type of quick weight loss diet actually restricts carbohydrates on the menu, especially sugar-rich carbs. However, the diet plan does allow good carbohydrate but also with proper moderation. On the first two weeks of the dieters, certain food groups are required to be abstained on the diet, such as cereals, brad, potatoes, pasta, rice, and some fruits and veggies such as corns and carrots. After two weeks of abstinence from these food groups, moderation (or continual abstinence) is still necessary. Lessening your sugar level by eating foods with less sugar can make your food cravings subside, since high sugar levels of the body creates food cravings.

Weight Watchers Diet

This quick weight loss diet encourages dieters to eat “power foods” such as whole grains, fruits and veggies (with low on no-starch content), lean meats, and low-fat dairy products. Foods with high nutrient contents with no too much calories are included in this diet. Such foods can actually make you feel full without gaining too much calories. Moreover, this type of diet plan actually includes a counting system.

Subway Diet

This type of diet is actually a fast food diet. The basis of this quick weight loss diet is the food brand Subway. Subway’s pre-prepared foods were considered as a more healthy option of a to-go food. Their takeaway food (usually sandwiches) were considered fit for a low-calorie diet.

Shake and Meal Replacement Diet

This type of quick weight loss diet actually works with special diet shakes replacing the first two meals of the day (breakfast and lunch) followed by a reasonable dinner. This is a calorie-restricted diet so it is best that a dieter should choose more nutritious foods during dinner.

NutriSystem Diet

This quick weight loss diet is considered as a healthy diet. It is low in sodium and bad fats. Moreover, dieters can enjoy a wide selection of foods that fit the diet. There are certain prepared meals that are referred to the diet containing low-fat and high-fibers, along with restrained amount of lean meat to appease food cravings.

Opting from these healthy quick weight loss diets can help you achieve a desired weight, body structure, and ideal health. But always bear in mind that moderation and proper performance of the diets are vital. Staying positive and having an optimistic approach can help you achieve these quick weight loss diets.


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Crash Dieting and the Irritable You

Crash Dieting and the Irritable You

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If you have ever gone through a heck of crash diet practice without even having to readany information about it, then I suggest that you read along.

You might be wondering right about now why you have been having unpredictable moodswings lately, and you might find them quite awful lot depressing for your part. Putting crash diets into practice can certainly help you achieve an indeed rapid weight loss withinjust a short amount of time. You might want to consider, though, one of the risks that wewill be emphasizing more for you at the moment of which crash diet has tagged along foryou – emotional disorders such as irritability and mood swings, depression, and to mostworse extent, eating and psychological disorders.

At the moment, you also might be having certainties that these facts are a being a bittoo exaggerating (just so to ease your anxieties with the fact that you’re practicing crashdiet). Well, unfortunately, no, I regret. These are dead serious facts that are laid out bynutritional experts and professional health counselors.

Lets look further into each disorder:

1. Emotional disorders – Irritability and mood swings. Crash diet is a practice thatrequires extreme calorie deprivation and tremendous change in food ingestion. So, whatcauses this emotional mayhem? Here’s how it technically works. Once a person decides to pursue crash diet, to abide in food deprivation is the first step; TO NOT EAT at all.

How does that sound? Rather, how would that feel? Technically, drastic changes incalorie intake will definitely affect your physical structure. For instance, for new mothers who are desperate to immediately lose that post-pregnancy belly, they go on a crash diet, which most likely leads to hormonal imbalance causing mood swings and may also contribute to post-partum depression. This goes for other ordinary people as well. Theymay also experience hormonal imbalance due to lack of supply of the body’s required nutrients. As a common result, people who feel physically off-centered may inevitably result to irritability and mood swings.

2. Depression - So what then causes this in crash diet malpractice? Let’s put it simplyfor you; here’s a perfect situation. As it is earlier said, crash diet obliges one to extremecalorie restrictions. Thus, one who is currently new (or even prior and currentlyengaging) to the practice might feel a sense of self deprivation. To NOT be able to eatdelightful (and considerably healthy) foods to one’s heart’s extent is certainly down-rightdepressing.

3. Eating/Psychological disorders – Anorexia and Bulimia.

These are grave matters thatare funneled by misguided and extreme crash diets. Anorexia is an eating disorder that isquite relevant to psychological misconceptions. To put it into simple words, anorexia is afear of gaining weight; up to the extent that anorexics starve their selves to avoid weight gain that unavoidably leads to getting really ill, or even close to dying.

This disorder is generally driven by fear (of gaining weight). Bulimia, on the other hand, is another storyof a psychological eating disorder. Of how bulimics do extreme weight control is through binge-eating that is constantly followed by purging. On plain explanation, bulimics,due to their extreme eating restrictions, are often beaten by their personal intensefood cravings. Thus, this results to binge-eating or uncontrollable and excessive foodingestion, which leads to self satisfaction – that usually lasts for only a few moments aftergetting full. Purging immediately takes place, which is somewhat fear-driven of gaining weight, resorting bulimics to throw up what they ate, engage in compulsive exercise, and most often use laxatives.

Here is a question for you to think about before you pursue serious crash diets, “Are you ready to acquire a self-assumed fit body all at once keep a heck of skeletons in your closet?”  I bet you don’t. You see, there are several other ways to achieve ideal weight maintenance without having to put your life on the line.  Just as so as the old proverb will never fail to attest, PATIENCE is virtue. Slowly but surely is the way to go towards ahealthy weight maintenance.

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